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Can Essential Arousal Oils Improve Your Sex Life?

Essential oils are all the rage in the alternative health industry. They’ve been touted to help with practically everything, from anxiety to insomnia and hair loss. But what about your sex life? Can you use essential “arousal” oils to get in the mood and ...Read More

HerSolution Pills & Gel Review

Having trouble getting in the mood? You’re not alone. Millions of women struggle with low libido. You try to get into it. You try to feel aroused. You try to enjoy foreplay. Your body just doesn’t want to go there. Most women will battle ...Read More


I’ve got some shocking news for you: the sexual enhancement industry is a little gender biased (crazy, I know). There are products to make a man’s penis bigger, products that make him a tiger in bed, and products that keep the fun going for ...Read More