Is the Serre Stick Legit?


Whether you’ve just given birth to your second child or you’re approaching middle age, you may have noticed that you’re not quite as “tight” as you used to be. It’s an embarrassing subject, I know, but it happens to all women.

If sex isn’t as satisfying, or you’re afraid you’re no longer pleasing your partner, Serre Stick may be able to help. This revolutionary vaginal tightening wand promises to tighten you up instantly, but does it work?

What is Serre Stick?

Serre Stick is a vaginal tightening wand that’s 100% natural and produces near-instant results. Through the use of natural Indonesian herbs, this safe and effective remedy has been around for centuries.

Free of any artificial ingredients, thousands of women all over the world have used this wand to effectively tighten their vaginal walls. It’s easy to use, and you’ll be blown away by how quickly it starts working.

While it’s called a “wand,” it’s really more of an herbal stick that you insert into your vagina (I’ll explain how use the wand shortly).

There are some caveats to using this product (more on that soon), so it’s not perfect. But it comes close – very close.

Before we talk about how Serre works and its ingredients, let’s first talk about who may need to use this tightening wand.

Who Needs a Vaginal Tightening Wand?

At some point, every woman will experience vaginal tightness issues. Serre Stick may be a good fit for you if you:

  • Have given birth
  • Are approaching middle age
  • Have reproductive issues that affect the elasticity of your vaginal walls

As we age, our vaginal walls naturally lose their elasticity, which makes us feel “looser.” Your partner may notice that you’re not quite as tight, and sex may not be as satisfying.

After giving birth, you may also notice that your vagina is loose, and you may not be as sensitive as you once were. For us mothers, sex becomes less satisfying for both us and our partners.

Some women also have reproductive issues that affect the elasticity of their vaginal walls and make their vagina feel looser than normal.

Contrary to what you may have heard, having sex with multiple partners won’t make you looser, but there may be another underlying issue that’s causing you to lose your elasticity.

No matter the cause, no matter how long you’ve been suffering, Serre Stick can help.

I know this personally because I’ve only seen positive results with this “magic” wand (as I call it). After giving birth to three kids, I felt looser, and my husband noticed it, too. He would never admit it, but I know sex wasn’t as satisfying.

I tried Kegel exercises, but never really saw results. And let’s be honest – these exercises are tedious. Yes, they’re relatively simple, but it’s easy to forget to do them when you’re chasing after three kids and trying to work a full-time job.

I know that Serre works, but you may be wondering how or why it’s so effective. Let’s clear things up, and talk about how the wand is made of and how to use it. You’ll be surprised by how simple and effective this wand is.

How Does The Serre Stick Work?

v-tight gel

If you had to guess, how many ingredients would you say are in Serre Stick? Ten? Twenty? Try three.

Yes, there are only three ingredients in this wand.

Grassroots from the Indonesian Mountains

Indonesian grassroots have been used for centuries by women to tighten and tone the vagina.

This safe, natural herb is highly praised for its ability to rejuvenate the vagina in minutes.

Pearl Stratum Powder

A natural detoxifier, this powder is used in the ancient practice jamu (traditional medicine).

Curcuma Comosa

A part of the ginger family, this plant is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties. This powerful herb thickens the cells found in the vaginal walls. It’s also used as a natural treatment for vaginal dryness, odor and excess discharge.


Derived from the teak tree, burneol is a common ingredient in Chinese herbal medicine, and can be found in Borneo and Southeast Asia. Simply put, burneol is a natural alcohol, similar to witch-hazel. It also boost circulation, which is important when trying to tighten the vaginal walls.

Alum Alumen

A naturally-occurring mineral extracted from sulfates of the alum stone. Like burneol, this ingredient has natural tightening properties. It also works to reduce itching and prevent excess discharge.

All of these ingredients work together to tighten and tone the vaginal walls. The Serre Stick can be used for more than just tightening. Its active ingredients also help keep harmful bacteria at bay and act as a natural deodorizer. Now you never have to worry about embarrassing odors.

You know how Serre works and its benefits, but how do you use it? It’s surprisingly simple.

How to Use Serre

For best results, use the wand 15 minutes before sex. Here’s how to get started:

  • Wet one end of the stick under warm water.
  • Insert the wet end of the stick into your vagina.
  • Rotate the wand for 15-30 seconds.
  • Remove and clean the wand.

Never keep the stick in for more than 30 seconds at a time. If you do, the wand will over-tighten your vagina. That may sound like a good thing, but many women have said that they were unable to feel sex after putting the stick in for too long.

After each use, the wand will shrink about 3-5g. But here’s the thing: the results last 3-5 days with each application.

Talk about amazing results.

But as I mentioned earlier, this stick isn’t perfect.

What You Should Know Before You Get Started

vagain tightening wands

One thing I do want to point out is that this wand can make you more dry than normal, so you may need to add in a little extra foreplay.

Also, you won’t be able to use this wand while you’re on your period. Most women refrain from sex during this time anyway, so this isn’t really a big issue.

If you want a tighter vagina and don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for surgery, I highly recommend giving Serre Stick a try. It uses all natural ingredients that women in Indonesia have been using for centuries to tighten and tone the vagina. And it’s incredibly easy to use. Results last for days, and it takes less than one minute to see results.

You don’t have to be dissatisfied with your sex life. Men are taking drastic measures to improve their sex lives, such as penile stretcher devices, OTC herbal blends, etc… Now women have a chance to quickly and safely improve the quality of their pleasure too. Whether you’ve just given birth or are approaching menopause, Serre Stick can help give you your sex life back, and finally enjoy those intimate moments with your partner again.

Give Serre Stick a try. You won’t regret it!

2019 Update: We are happy to say that there is a new and improved version now available on called the Body Fit rejuvenation stick.