How To Tighten Your Vagina With V-Tight Gel

Having a loose vagina can be a major source of frustration and irritation, or perhaps even embarrassment.

It can cause you to lose self-confidence in the bedroom and have problems with urine leakage—in other words, it’s just one more hassle/source of stress on your plate, which is probably already full of other worries.

So let’s get rid of one of them—vaginal looseness.

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Learn how the vagina actually works and how products, such as V-Tight Gel, and different kinds of exercises can help you whip your vagina back into shape.

Vaginal Mechanics

First, we need to clear up some misconceptions that many people have regarding the looseness or tightness of the vagina.

  • Having sex does not cause the vagina to loosen.
  • A woman does not automatically lose tightness after the first time she has sex. And on that note, it is also not true that all virgins are automatically tight. So guys seeking out virgins to ensure that they get someone “tight” are not only jerks, but misinformed/ignorant jerks.
  • Having a lot of sex does not cause the vagina to loosen. There’s a saying that states “if her vagina is loose, then so is she”. This is not true; it is not medically accurate. It is simply a way of shaming sexually active women by treating them as if they are damaged goods.
  • Childbirth does not automatically and permanently “wreck” a vagina.

Second, we have to realize that each body is different. Some people are short, some tall, some slender, some curvy, and some have larger or smaller vaginas than others

Now that that is out of the way, let’s discuss how the vagina actually works.

Humor me: take your fingers and pull the corners of your mouth out and up like a child does when they want to make a funny face.

Now let it go. Repeat this several times. What happened?

Did you permanently end up with a giant, stretched-out mouth or did it go back to its original shape?

It sprung back, right?

Well, the vagina acts in much the same way because tissue is extremely elastic, contracting and relaxing depending on the situation. Unless you are sexually aroused, giving birth, or are relaxed and inserting something (like a tampon or a penis), your vaginal muscles are folded together, much in the same way a Slinky or an accordion is when no one is playing with them.




When you become aroused, this tissue relaxes a little in order to better accommodate an erection (or sex toy). But this change is not a drastic one; it’s more like having a tightly closed fist, then loosening your grip just enough to be able to insert a finger.


Without a doubt, giving birth to a child requires the vagina to really stretch itself, another testament to its elasticity. In young women (those under the age of 30), their vagina will be back to its original state within six months of giving birth, usually. However, women who were older when they gave birth may not be as lucky because of the combined effects of the birthing process and aging, which brings us to our next point.

Exception: Young women who have multiple children in rapid succession may experience vaginal loosening due to muscle fatigue.


As we age, our muscle tissue naturally loses its elasticity and vaginal muscle tissue is no different. Unless, you do something to counteract the loosening, you can expect to become less tight as you grow older. If you have a child later in life, the combination of the demands of child birth and already-fatigued vaginal muscles can speed up this process.

But don’t despair—you can get your vagina back in shape

Easy Ways to Tighten Your Vagina

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The best way to tighten your vagina naturally is to use a two-pronged approach: vagina-tightening products and daily exercise.

Vaginal Tightening Creams

There are numerous creams, gels, and other products that you can apply to your vagina to help make you tighten up.  Right now, one of the most popular products is V-Tight Gel, which uses natural ingredients (arginine, hazel leaf, and manjakani) to firm up those muscles and make you tighter.

The best thing about V-Tight Gel is that it acts as a sort of on-the-spot vaginal tightener.

It starts to work quickly (it is recommended that you apply it ten minutes prior to intercourse), making it perfect for when you really need/want a tighter vagina, for example, when you want to get intimate with your partner. I consider products like V-Tight Gel as the “quick fix” part of the two-pronged approach, though they can have lasting effect if used diligently, and exercise as the long-term solution.



Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are probably the most well-known method used to tighten the vagina. They are also known as pelvic floor exercises because they help to tone your pelvic floor muscles and your vaginal muscles. They are incredibly easy to do and the best part is that you can do them anytime or anywhere, and no one will ever know. Here’s how to do them:

  • Find the targeted muscles by inserting a finger into your vagina and squeezing it by tightening up your muscles—the muscles you are using are your Kegel muscles. You can also find these muscles by stopping your urine flow midstream, as the muscles that are capable of doing that are the ones that you need to work out. (Do not use stopping urine flow as a workout method; doing this excessively can cause infections.)
  • Now that you have identified the correct muscles, you will probably want to start exercising. Great! Pro tip, though: go to the bathroom before you do these exercises, even if you don’t feel like you have to go. You want an empty bladder, for obvious reasons.
  • Start by squeezing your muscles and holding them in that position for five to ten seconds, then relax. Now repeat this process as often as you like throughout the day. If you incorporate them into your daily routine, you may find that you do them without even thinking about it. Also, change up your pace; instead of holding your muscles clenched for five to ten seconds, hold them for one, thus rapidly switching between relaxed and contracted.

Not only do these exercises help strengthen your vaginal muscles and tighten up your vagina, it also teaches you how to better control those muscles, a skill that comes in handy during sex, as it allows you to tighten up even more, helping to really hug the penis. And provided your muscles are strong enough and your control over them solid, your partner will definitely notice.

Leg Raises

These are pretty simple and while you can’t do them in a business meeting (as you can with Kegels), you can work out your lower abdominal muscles, as well as your pelvic muscles. Start by laying on your back on a mat; the position of your hands and arms will vary depending on the kind of leg lifts that you do. You cannot use your arms or hands to propel your movement. Now, there are several variations of this exercise, so change it up and rotate them as frequently as you please. This is our favorite iteration:

Tuck your hands under your behind. Raise your leg(s) to where they are about two feet off of the floor and, keeping them straight, hold that position. Then raise them straight above you and hold. Lower them and repeat. Now, some people will lower their legs all the way back down to the floor, but you can get more of a workout if you make them hover above the ground and hold them there before raising them back up. The goal is to never let them touch ground until you have done all of your reps. If you want to go ahead and work out your stomach, tighten up those stomach muscles and use them to curl your upper body up, much like you would a sit-up. Go up as far as you can, keeping those abs tight, and hold it for as long as you hold your legs in their current position. You can do this while your legs are at any angle, but we personally feel more of a burn when we crunch while hovering.

Leg lifts strengthen your pelvis and works out the muscles surrounding the vagina. Not to mention that they can really help give you killer legs and a flatter stomach.


Assume the standard push-up position—straight arms, with shoulders directly over the wrists while resting on your toes and hands. Your hips, neck, and legs should line up; pull in your abdominal muscles and keep your hips up. Now hold that pose for thirty seconds to one minute, relax, and then repeat.

Benefits of a Tighter Vagina

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Eliminate leakage

It happens to everyone. You laugh too hard, you sneeze too hard, you cough too forcefully and as a consequence, you leak. This is called incontinence and is especially common amongst women who have recently given birth. Learning how to control these muscles while also strengthening them at the same time helps stop incidences of leakage.

Increased satisfaction from intercourse

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Scientific studies have shown that there is a correlation between pelvic floor muscle strength and the ability to orgasm and/or experience pleasure.

Research shows that women with stronger pelvic floor muscles are more likely to orgasm during intercourse and they report greater sexual satisfaction than women with weaker pelvic floor muscles.

(Note: If you are having trouble climaxing, it may not be your vaginal muscles, but your sex. Only about 30% of women experience orgasms due to penetration; for the other 70% of us, it is all about clitoral stimulation. If your partner does not know what to do with a clitoris…well, that may be part of your problem.)

Start Tightening Your Vagina Today

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Just because it is natural for a vagina to loosen over time does not mean that you have to accept it. Counteract the effects of muscle fatigue and elasticity-loss by using vagina-tightening gels like V-Tight Gel and by physically exercising those muscles. In no time, you’ll be enjoying a tighter vagina, which brings with it the added benefits of improved sexual satisfaction and a lower incidence rate of leakage.




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