What Are The Best Ben Wa Balls?

Ben Wa Balls for Beginners

Some call them Venus balls. Others call them smart balls or Kegel balls. No matter what name you give them, Ben Wa balls are a thing of mystery to many new users. They look strikingly similar to anal beads, but their purpose is to take vaginal intercourse to new heights and strengthen your pelvic floor.

It’s the sex toy you never knew you needed.

What are Ben Wa Balls?

vaginal balls for pelvic floor health

Ben Wa balls are weighted vaginal balls meant to be worn inside of the vagina. Their purpose is to exercise and tighten your pelvic floor muscles. Using them feels similar to Kegel exercises, but you don’t have to actively perform Kegels.

Because the balls are weighted, your pelvic floor muscles naturally engage to hold them in place.

These vaginal balls can be used to heighten sexual pleasure, improve bladder control or help with other medical issues.

Ben Wa balls have bene around for a long time (around 500 AD in Japan). No one is sure who invented them. And they go by many names, including: Venus balls, jiggle balls, duo tone beads, orgasm balls, love balls and pleasure balls.

You may have seen them on the big screen in Fifty Shades Darker when Christian inserts them into Anastasia’s vagina.

Kegel balls can be as small as marbles or up to an inch in diameter. The Japanese used metal balls for the vagina, and these balls contained mercury. The movement of the mercury was said to create pleasurable sensations in the vagina, and for some women, could bring them to orgasm.

Today, Ben Wa balls are made of a wide range of materials, including surgical stainless steel, glass, latex, plastic, silicone and even jade.

Key Benefits

Vaginal balls offer numerous benefits. They can:

  • Cause clitoral erection when you’re aroused.
  • Flutter your muscles as you climax.
  • Bring you over the edge to orgasm.
  • Intensify your orgasms.
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to prevent bladder leaks when you sneeze or cough.

How to Use Ben Wa Balls

fifty shades of gray ben wa balls
If you’ve watched Fifty Shades of Gray you’ve seen these in action.

Here’s the good news: Kegel balls seem really complicated, but they’re really easy to insert and use.

Before inserting your Kegel balls, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly, wash and dry your Kegel balls and rub a generous amount of water-based lube on the balls for easy insertion. You’ll want to apply a generous amount of lube to your vaginal opening, too.

Once you’re lubed up:

  • Find a comfortable place to lie down.
  • Slowly insert the first ball.
  • Insert the small piece of string or plastic that connects the balls.
  • Once the string is tucked in, you can insert the second ball.
  • Push the balls in as far as you are comfortable with. If the balls have a removal string or loop, make sure that it hangs outside of your vagina.
  • Tighten your pelvic floor muscles to keep the balls inside of you.
  • Go about your day or evening!

The balls should feel secure inside of your vaginal canal. If it feels like they’re about to fall out or if the first ball is outside of your vaginal opening, give them a gentle push deeper into your vagina.

Most women say they feel a subtle, tingly sensation when using Kegel balls, and that sensation intensifies when moving.

If you’re worried about the balls getting “lost,” don’t be. Your vaginal canal doesn’t go on forever. If you’ve pushed them in too deep, just bear down, push them out and try again.

How you use the balls is up to you. For some women, their only goal is to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. Others use Kegel balls for pleasure. While not a sex toy in the traditional sense, vaginal balls can be used to heighten solo pleasure or oral sex. They can also be used to build anticipation (like wearing them during a date) or enhance foreplay. Some women keep the balls in during sex, but that’s not what they’re intended for and this could cause tearing or pain.

For Pelvic Exercise

Simply inserting the balls and wearing them for a few hours will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. But you can take things a step further by actively exercising the muscles while the balls are inserted.

Here’s how:

  • Lie down on your back, and insert the vaginal balls.
  • Tighten your pelvic floor muscles to lift and squeeze the balls.
  • Hold that contraction for 5 seconds, and release for 5 seconds.
  • Repeat 5 times to complete one set.

Perform up to three sets per day.

Remember not to overdo it when you’re just getting started. While you can wear them for hours at a time, it’s best to start with 15-minute increments. Overexerting your muscles can cause pain or unnecessary discomfort.

Remember that this is a marathon – not a sprint. Work your way up gradually to wearing the balls for an hour. From here, you can work your way up to one or two hours at a time.

Removing the Balls

Vaginal balls can be worn for up to six hours per day, depending on your body and the balls used. Your doctor can provide recommendations on the best practices for your body.

In fact, we recommend that you talk to your doctor before buying and using Kegel balls just to make sure that it’s a safe option for you (especially if you’ve recently had a prolapse or surgery).

If the balls have a removal string, you can slowly pull the string until the balls slide out.

If the balls are separated (no string), you can:

  • Stand with your feet hip distance apart.
  • Lower down into a comfortable squat.
  • Squeeze your vaginal muscles to push them out.

Once you’ve removed the balls, it’s important to clean, dry and store them properly.

  • Clean the balls using warm water and antibacterial hand soap.
  • Rinse with warm water.
  • Pat dry with a clean towel.
  • Allow the balls to air dry for an hour or two.
  • Store in their proper case.

Most vaginal balls come with a storage case. Keeping them stored in the case will prevent bacterial contamination and dust accumulation.

Treat your vaginal balls like you would other sex toys. Improper care can lead to infection, so don’t skip this step (no matter how tempted you may be).

How to Choose the Right Balls

When searching for Ben Wa balls, you’ll find a plethora of options. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. Which size is right for you? What should you look for when buying Kegel balls?

If you’re just getting started, it’s best to start with a lightweight set. Glass or metal are the ideal options because there’s less of a risk of bacterial contamination. Choose balls that are attached and have a removal string. These are the easiest to insert and remove. Bigger isn’t necessarily better, so you may want to start with marble sized balls.

Some sets have three or more balls, but two is standard. Start with two and increase or decrease as you feel comfortable.

You’ll also find vibrating vaginal balls, and these are designed more for pleasure than muscle strengthening. If pleasure is your goal, vibrating balls may be just what the doctor ordered.

Whether you use them for play or to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, Ben Wa balls can enhance and liven up your sex life. Just remember to start slow, choose the right size, and enjoy the ride.

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