Betty Dodson Barbell

Can the Betty Dodson Barbell Improve Your Sex Life?

We use barbells at the gym to improve our fitness. Can you use a different kind of barbell to improve your sex life? According to Betty Dodson, you can – and you should.

Dodson is a well-known name in the pro-sex feminist crowd, and she has helped thousands of women improve their sex lives through her books and workshops.

Who is Betty Dodson?

Betty Dodson, born in 1929, is a sex educator and an artist by training. She pioneered the pro-sex feminist movement, and through her body of work (workshops and books), she encourages women to masturbate – often in groups.

Dodson joined the sex-positive movement in the late 1960s. In her early demonstrations and instructional classes, she used the Hitachi Magic Wand, an electric vibrator, to show women how to pleasure themselves. These became known as Bodysex workshops, and her technique became known as the Betty Dodson method.

Her Bodysex workshops, which span two hours, feature 15 naked women sitting in supine position using a Magic Wand at the same time to aid in masturbation. Dodson has taught thousands of women to achieve orgasm using her technique.

Dodson’s first book Liberating Masturbation: A Meditation on Selflove quickly became a feminist classic. Her 1987 book Sex for One sold more than one million copies and is an international best-seller.

Dodson has partnered with Carlin Ross, attorney and entrepreneur, to expand her Bodysex workshops. Together, Dodson and Ross help liberate women and achieve their best sex lives.

What Is the Betty Dodson Method?

The Betty Dodson Method sounds complicated, but it’s not. So many women have taken their sex lives to the next level using her method, also known as the “rock and roll” technique.

The method works in stages:

The Pelvic Floor Muscle

In the first stage, you get to know your pubococcygeus (PC) muscle. You’ll consciously relax and contract your vaginal muscles while taking long, deep breaths. Next, you’ll insert your middle finger into your vagina and see how the contraction feels against your finger.

This is where the Betty Dodson barbell comes into play. The barbell will help you perform powerful Kegel exercises that will strengthen your PC muscles and bring your orgasms to the next level.


Dodson tells women to move their hips like Elvis. Don’t tense or hold your body rigidly. Do a dance; loosen up and stretch out. The goal is to rock your hips forward and backward.

Penetration with PC Muscle

The barbell comes back into play here. Practice the same rocking movement with Betty’s barbell, squeezing and releasing the PC muscle.

Clitoral Stimulation

Finally, you add clitoral stimulation into the mix. Start with an oiled finger and move up to a vibrator once you’re able to tolerate higher levels of sexual pleasure for longer.

How To Use The Betty Dodson Barbell

The Betty Dodson barbell is the same barbell used in her private practice. Weighing one pound, this Kegel barbell is made of 100% stainless steel.

It plays an invaluable role in Dodson’s rock and roll technique. If you’re serious about improving your sex life and learning what pleases you, then you need this barbell.

Here’s what the barbell can do for you:

Tone Your PC Muscle

The main goal of the barbell is to improve the tone of your PC muscle. This will lead to better genital health, better bladder control and most importantly – better orgasms.

Consciously releasing and contracting your PC muscle during intercourse will take pleasure – for you and your partner – to new heights.

Associate PC Exercises with Sexual Pleasure

Once the PC muscle has been associated with sexual pleasure, you can make the exercises even more fun by ending your session with an orgasm. Dodson says women are motivated to do the exercise daily if they end each session with an orgasm.

Make Self-Pleasure More Fun

Once you’ve fully inserted the barbell, its weight will leave it place. That leaves both of your hands free. Dodson recommends using one hand for clitoral stimulation and the other for massage or play. The rocking motion will move the barbell.

Dodson says her barbell can absolutely be used as a fun, sleek sex toy that you can enjoy alone or with your partner. You’re only limited by your imagination.

The barbell can be used for anal play, too, but you’ll need to hold onto the end to make sure it doesn’t slip all the way inside.

Betty Dodson has been hosting Bodysex workshops since the 1970s, and she’s helped so many women learn how to achieve orgasm through her books and private sessions. The barbell is just one piece of the puzzle, but it’s an important one. By using her technique, you can take your sex life to new heights – or finally learn how to achieve your first orgasm.

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