Can Libidia (Filibidoserin) Help Restore Your Libido?

Having trouble getting in the mood? You’re not alone. Millions of premenopausal women around the world suffer from low sexual desire. If you’re suffering with low libido and associated distress, you may have hypoactive sexual desire disorder, or HSDD.

Libidia is the #1 doctor recommended treatment for women with HSDD without the side effects of prescription medications. Safe and effective for women of all ages, Libidia can help jumpstart your libido and improve your sexual experiences.

Is Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder Serious?

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder  Treatments

It’s estimated that HSDD may occur in up to one-third of adult women in the United States, and about 30-39% of women in any given population will have little or no interest in sex at some point in their lives.

If your lack of sexual desire is causing you distress, you may be suffering with HSDD.

But is this a serious disorder?

Yes and no. No, it’s not a life-threatening disorder, but it can cause a serious rift between you and your partner.  If you are one of the thousands of women that suffer with HSDD you know that it is serious.

HSDD may prevent you from having a happy, healthy and fulfilling relationship. That’s a pretty serious side effect of this condition.

The Journal of Women’s Health surveyed premenopausal women with distressing low sexual desire and found that:

  • 69% have negative body image
  • 51% have less self-confidence
  • 67% feel less connectedness

These are some serious issues, too.

Symptoms of HSDD Low Sexual Desire May Include

  • Your level of sexual interest or desire has decreased
  • You experience low sexual desire no matter the type of sexual activity
  • You were once satisfied with your level of sexual interest or desire, but no longer are
  • Your lack of sexual desire or interest is causing you distress

Here’s the good news: HSDD can be treated. Libidia has been clinically proven to increase desire in women.

What is Libidia?

Libidia (Filibidoserin) is an over-the-counter female libido booster. It’s recommended by Naturopathic Doctors (N.D.) and has been scientifically proven to support sexual desire and arousal.

Libidia has been proven to support both the physical and mental mechanisms that trigger feelings of desire and arousal.

Here’s the best part: You don’t need a prescription to take Libida.


Libidia Ingredients

Libidia Ingredients

The secret to success with Libidia is its Filibidoserin blend, which includes the following ingredients:

Panax Ginseng

Studies have shown that panax ginseng (Korean red ginseng) improves sexual desire in women. The herb acts as an adaptogen, which helps the body better fight external stressors and fatigue while boosting stamina.

Panax ginseng is one of the most common ingredients in Asian Medicine to improve sexual performance and libido, and it’s been used for centuries for this purpose.

Why does it work so well? It’s likely due to the fact that it can greatly improve blood flow.

Mucuna Prureins Extract

Another herbal adaptogen, mucuna prureins extract is known to improve libido in both women and men.

Mucuna beans contain a large number of psycho- and hormonally-active compounds, including L-Dopa (dopamine). L-Dopa acts as a powerful aphrodisiac.

The L-Dopa in the Mucuna plant triggers the brain to release dopamine, which stimulates the pituitary gland to produce human growth hormone (HGH). This raises testosterone levels and increases your sex drive.


L-Theanine promotes relaxation and a calm mind, which can help cease the racing thoughts that may keep you from sexual activity.

L-theanine can cross the brain-blood barrier to increase alpha waves. It also stimulates GABA production (which makes you feel calm and relaxed) and can counteract the GABA-reducing effects of caffeine.

DIM (diindolylmethane)

DIM is a phytonutrient that helps metabolize estrogens and decrease sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG).

The liver produces SHBG if you’re taking birth control pills or you drink regularly. SHBG does exactly what it sounds like – it binds to sexual hormones and keeps you from wanting sex.

DIM can also metabolize excess bad estrogen in the body, which can leave you feeling miserable during your time of the month.


DHEA is a hormone that the body converts to testosterone and estrogen. When levels are too low, which is common as you age and are exposed to stress, you produce fewer sex hormones.

Supplementing DHEA can help increase estrogen levels and jumpstart your libido.

Yohimbine HLC & L-Arginine

Sometimes, poor blood circulation is the reason for a low sex drive or the inability to climax. Yohimbine HLC and L-Arginine can work together to boost blood flow and your ability to orgasm.

Arginine is actually what increases blood flow, and studies have shown that it works best when combined with yohimbe HLC.

When combined with panax ginseng, the libido-boosting effects of these ingredients is enhanced.


Piperine has been shown to improve the absorption of herbs, so this ingredient helps enhance the effects of all of the other ingredients in Libidia.

Libidia also contains:

  • Magnesium Citrate
  • Vitamins B6 and B12
  • Pregnenolone

How to Take Libidia


Here’s the great thing about Libidia: You don’t have to take a handful of pills every day. Just two capsules per day is all you need to jumpstart your libido and improve your sexual desire.

These two capsules contain 1500mg of the Filibidoserin Blend that makes this supplement effective.

It’s best to take Libidia on an empty stomach.

Safety Information

Women of all ages can benefit from Libidia, but there are some women who should avoid this supplement.

Do not take Libidia if you:

  • Have or had heart problems
  • Have had heart surgery within the last six months
  • Have pulmonary hypertension
  • Have had a stroke
  • Have low or high blood pressure that is not controlled
  • Have blood cell issues, such as sickle cell
  • Have bleeding problems
  • Have kidney problems

Talk to your doctor before taking Libidia if you’re on any type of medication or have a health condition.

If you’re ready to take back your sex life – and you want to do it without the side effects of prescription medication – Libidia may be a good choice for you.

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