Best Natural Personal Lubricant

Is Chiavare The Best All-Natural Personal Lubricant?

Vaginal dryness doesn’t need to cause your sex life to be painful or embarrassing.

Natural, personal lubricants have been shown to treat vaginal dryness without the use of harsh chemicals or artificial ingredients.

Chiavare is a natural lube that’s made with all-natural ingredients.

You don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals or ingredients impacting your vaginal health.

Chiavare Ingredients

Chiavare Ingredients

What I like about Chiavare is that there are just six natural ingredients included. You can thoroughly research every ingredient, and what I have found is that this product contains:

  • Zero fillers
  • Zero chemicals
  • Zero preservatives

Safe for those with sensitive skin, the formula is designed to be used on your most delicate parts. And it will leave behind a smooth, velvet feeling that leaves you feeling refreshed and never sticky.

When used properly, Chiavare can help treat:

  • Discomfort
  • Burning
  • Chaffing
  • Itching
  • Dryness
  • Thinning

A lot of people like this product so much that they use it as a personal moisturizer, too. It’s an effective product, and it comes in a discreet, classy design so that you would never be able to tell what the bottle contains.

What ingredients are included?

  • Sunflower seed oil. A key oil found in Chiavare, sunflower seed oil helps the body retain moisture. Nutrient-rich, sunflower seed oil is high in linoleic acid which helps keep water in the skin and also acts as a natural protective barrier.
  • Grapeseed oil. An ingredient that is used extensively in anti-aging products, grapeseed oil promotes skin health and is filled with antioxidants. The oil has anti-inflammatory effects and also helps to relieve dry, itchy skin.
  • Coconut oil. Skincare’s secret to boosting hydration. Coconut oil is anti-fungal and antibacterial, and it is also able to penetrate multiple layers of the skin. When nourishment and hydration need to be delivered, coconut oil is a leading choice.
  • Evening primrose oil. Often used to help with symptoms of menopause, cramps and PMS, Evening Primrose is feminine are powerhouse that has been shown to treat everything from eczema to brittle nails. Anti-inflammatory properties also help keep a woman properly lubricated.
  • Almond oil. Gentle on the skin and very nourishing, almond oil locks moisture into the skin and also works to soothe sore muscles, relieve pain and also provide anti-inflammatory protection.
  • Vitamin E. A very powerful vitamin that is known to offer cell regeneration and promote blood circulation. Vitamin E will work to clear away free radicals thanks to the powerful antioxidants that the oil contains. Skin is kept supple and ready when enough Vitamin E is present.

Combined, all six of these natural ingredients will act as a personal lubricant for those times when a woman is feeling a little dry down below.

It’s a natural method that works.

When you use this product, you never have to worry about it staining your sheets or clothes. A lot of users will use this lube right before sex, and it works wonders, alleviating pain or discomfort. Sex is fun again, and there is never that sticky feeling that other lubes leave behind.

But it gets even better than that.

You don’t need to buy a new bottle every month. Designed to be long-lasting, each bottle is designed to last 4 – 6 months with regular use. The product is also contained in a black glass bottle to offer UV protection, so your lube’s ingredients are always 100% effective.

Your body temperature will also not be affected.

Note: This product has not been evaluated for condom use.

How safe is this product?

It’s so safe that you could eat it if you wanted to.

Tips for Usage

Simple and easy to use, there are a few tips that can make Chiavare even better to use. When you use this lube, you’ll want to remember the following key points:

  • Chiavare does not stain, so feel free to use it while on the bed or when you’re getting ready for your date night.
  • A little bit goes a long way, so apply just a dab of this lube until you know just how much you The normal bottle will last up to 6 months with normal usage.
  • You can choose to use this product as a moisturizer if you want.
  • If you want to have fun, you can also use this oil as a massage oil.
  • No residue is left behind, so you never have to worry about residue making its way into your panties or clothes.
  • There is no scent, so you don’t have to worry about this moisturizer overpowering the smell of your perfume or body wash.
  • Works very well for women with menopause and can be used for women that have general pain during sex even if lubrication is not an issue.

Even when used on sensitive skin, Chiavare will work wonders without causing itching or burning.

Chiavare Reviews

natural lube options

If you want to know if a product is worth buying, look no further than the reviews that real people are leaving. A lot of women suffer from dryness, and a lot have been able to find some relief thanks to Chiavare.

What are these women saying?

  • I love this stuff.
  • I bring this into my gynecologist’s office because it’s much better than the silicone lube they use.
  • No irritation that other lubes have caused my wife who suffers from thinning and vaginal dryness.
  • I have tried other gels and lubes, and nothing has compared to this one.

What you’ll find is that the harsh chemicals in other gels or lotions will cause a woman to suffer from irritation or discomfort. Silicone gels are especially known to be uncomfortable and cause irritation, too.

Whether you live in the United States or internationally, you can have your Chiavare sent directly to your door. And if you’re ordering domestically, all orders come with free shipping.

Cruelty-free, vegan and hypoallergenic, you’ll find that the makers of Chiavare back their product. When you make a purchase, you’re entering into a 100% no-risk promise. If for some reason Chiavare doesn’t work for you, return it for a full refund.

No questions asked.  It’s that simple.

You literally have nothing to lose when giving Chiavare a try.

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